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Lindy Hop in Aarhus

Hi Aarhus Lindy Hoppers,

The Big Apple performance will be on Friday October 15th near the town square. It will be done in conjunction with KaosPilot and Aarhus 2017. It should be a kick ass event.

When: Friday October 15th, 3:30pm
(the performance will take place at 4:00pm at town square). We can meet at KaosPilot and walk over together.

Where to meet:
Mejlgade 35
8000 Århus, Denmark

You can call me at +45-4245-2277


Lindy Hop is a vernacular dance (street dance) that came out of Harlem New York City 1930s a mix of the popular Charleston and African dance. It evolved with the jazz music of that time. It is the very original form of swing dance and precursor to Hip Hop. Now days Lindy Hop has evolved drastically. It can be danced to smooth music, hip hop, or any music with 8 count beat.

Check of weekly class in Aarhus at

On May 8th 2010 I taught a Big Apple Lindy Hop performance workshop at MEJLGADE FOR MANGFOLDIGHED 2010
Below is the video. Unfortunetly it currently only in Danish. I will have my Danish friends script the video when I am back in Denmark. (And yes the beinging of the video is black):

Mejlgade for Diversity Big Apple Lindy Hop Performance Workshop from Julian Tree on Vimeo.

We will perform this dance at the town square of Aarhus during the Fall of 2010. If you are interested to be part of this performance. Please contact me. Email me at look [at] itree [dot] org


Below is a video of the Big Apple done in the 1939 at New York City.


Some more Lindy Hop Clips

Below are some example of Lindy Hop done with different style to different tempo of Jazz music.

Here are some clip of Lindy Hop that is precursor to break dancing:

Here are some different styles of charleston:

E-mail: look at itree dot org
Phone: +45 42 45 22 77